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G'day All,

The reason the Puffing Billy Museum has been closed for the last few years, was the identification of asbestos lagging under the boiler cladding of some exhibits.

There is a strong group of volunteers whose ranks have swelled in recent times by the addition of several younger members. By pulling together on the various repair and restoration projects they having been kicking goals that will see the museum eventually reopened to the public. The departure of the 3' 6" gauge locos will create space for other items of VR narrow gauge interest mainly 6NM and 1NBC, both retrieved from private ownership, to be conserved and displayed. There is also 2NC that will be restored by the museum group that when available for service will be used on the footplate experience trains.

One item recently returned to service was the George & George boiler with its auxiliary equipment and stationary steam engines. The Malcolm Moore loco looks great and will soon have a new canopy fitted.

In my mind there is a place for the development of the PB museum to properly interpret all the lines of the VR Narrow Gauge.

It is worth reading the article on the PB museum in the latest Narrow Gauge magazine.


Bill Hanks.

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Hi All,

With the departure of those locos to Bellarine, and the previous departure of the W to Pichi Richi, and the Abt loco and van back to Tasmania, that really only leaves the 2' gauge locos, the Shay, and the 2'6" O&K in the museum plus stationary engines.

I assume the Society, presumably as a result of the lack of volunteers to open and maintain it, and its poor location to generate visitors, has decided the museum is a lost cause.

It does rather beggar the question of the future of the remaining exhibits. I'd hate to see the 2' locos leave Victoria, anyone know if there is a chance they might be relocated to Alexandra ?


Ian J

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The following website:

reports that an ex-Fyansford Beyer Garratt locomomotive, an ex-Fyansford Perry 0-4-0T locomotive, and an ex BHP Andrew-Barclay 0-6-0T locomotive "Pozieres" have been procured by the Bellarine Peninsula Railway from the Puffing Billy Railway museum at Menzies Creek. The BPR is seeking donations to help fund the transport of the locos.

As a result of this, all but one of the surviving Fyansford steam locos will be owned by the Bellarine Peninsula Railway.


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