Re: Unknown industrial locos

Phil Rickard <chy_gwel_an_meneth@...>

--- In, "John Browning" <ceo8@i...> wrote:

This photo is a gem.

Can anyone confirm that it is the Thiess logo displayed below the
bulder's plates.?


John Browning

A State Electricity Commission photo on the Museum of Victoria
website shows two identical locomotives in the SECV Central
Metropolitan Store at Brooklyn – no date, but both looking very clean.

Re John 's query as to whether the colourful logo under the builders
plate is Theiss's logo – I suspect yes. Compare with National
Archives photo at -

for similar loco at a Snowy Mountains work's site with a caption that
idicates it is a Theiss operation. Note logo on back of loco cab.
Looks the same to me – seems to be a map of Australia with something
upon it.

cheers Phil

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