Re: Koondrook Tramway - Sentinel loco

Frank Stamford

There was one other Sentinel steam loco in Australia. It was also 5 ft
3 in gauge and owned and operated by the South Australian Gas Company
at Brompton, an Adelaide suburb.

"Light Railways" No.146 has four pages on this locomotive, including a
technical description of the design and including a drawing showing
the boiler, engine and transmission arrangements.

The SA Gas Co. loco and the Koondrook loco appear to have been
practically identical.

The SA Gas Gas Co. unit was built in 1926, builder's number 6638.



--- In, Michael <thirtyinchfan@p...> wrote:

Frank Stamford wrote:
When it arrived it attracted quite a lot of attention because it
was somewhat novel.
It certainly would have been novel - am I right in assuming it was the
only Sentinel loco in Australia? I know that there were several



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