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"Walkabout" [magazine] for August 1958 has an illustrated article on
the Tasmanian Denison Canal. Can anyone shed any light on the canal's
construction or the locomotive used?

This would be it?

Krauss 4526 1901 610mm gauge 0-4-0WT Class IVzq OC
ordered by Diercks & Co., Melbourne
Hendrickson & Knutson (contractors), East Neck Canal construction,
Dunalley, Tas., 1902; out of use 1904
Sandfly Colliery Co. Ltd., Tas., 1906

John Browning
Thanks John, Yes, I knew someone with a better filing system than
mine would know the answer. Unfortunately the Tasmanian Marine Dept
didn't use any tramways when they re-dredged the canal last year.

I see the Archives Office of Tasmania has a number of documents
relating to the Denison canal.

cheers Phil

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