Marysville Day's Tractor

Bill Russell

G'day All,

I visited Marysville today to inspect the Day's tractor. The town was very crowded
and the two open shops were doing a roaring trade,

I am surprised that the tractor survived. Bioldings bot sides of it (Pol;ice Station and
Toilets) were destroyed. The Cyprus (?) tree under which it sits was scorched.

The log load is severely burnt, but its length is intact.. I suggest that it be left as is
with a suitable plaque as a memorial to those damaged by the fire.

The timbers of both log bogies are destroyed. However the log load is supported by
two steel supports, so moving the bogies out from under it will be no great problem.

The tractor needs a new seat and roofing iron. Four pieces of timber are birnt and
beed replacing.
1 The left hand rear upright.
2 The left hand edg rail.
3 The rear curved cross support.
4 A short piece of wood that serves as the rear gear box support.

I have yet to examing the photos I took.


Bill Russell.

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