Re: Koondrook Tramway - Sentinel loco

Frank Stamford

The 1928 date is much more likely than the 1926 date.

When I was researching this line I found a reference to its arrival at Koondrook in the local paper. I am almost certain the year was 1930, and it was certainly later than 1926. The "Border Journal Tramway Souvenir 1989" says 1929. When it arrived it attracted quite a lot of attention because it was somewhat novel.

All the early articles in the ARHS Bulletin gave the arrival date of this as 1926, without giving any details of the source. I assumed the loco had 1926 on its builder's plate as the only explanation for this date.

I guess its possible it could have been built for an Irish (or even Brazillian) customer and the sale fell through, or it was rebuilt from a standard-gauge unit. I presume regauging one of these would not be very difficult.



At 10:23 AM 22/10/2006, you wrote:

Sentinel - 4wTG A chain coupled vertical boiler loco with a
high-pressure boiler. Built in the UK in 1926 and purchased by the
Shire in 1929 or 1930.
According to the Sentinel list in Abbot's book "Vertival Boiler
Locomotives", Sentinel 7566 for the Kerang-Koondrook Tramway was built
in 1928. This would make a 1929 arrival as new reasonable.

The gauge would suggest the chances of it being built for elsewhere
would be limited.



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