Re: How Did You Come To Join The LRRSA?

Brad <alcogoodwin@...>

Probably I would indeed become interested if the write-ups of them
more with how they are operated and controlled, rather than the
concentration on which loco has pink polka dots and heliotrope stripes
and how many spots of rust it has.>>>>
Think I have to partially agree with Eddie on this occasion.

As a locomotive record keeper I do enjoy finding out which locos
have pink polka dots and heliotrope stripes, although I found keeping
up with the rust spots a little hard to do.
If I have one complaint, I feel there is not enough attention paid
to amounts of road grime on locomotives.

However I greatly enjoy any articles written by people who work on
them, either in a driver or other capacity. These give a great view of
how things operate.
I think there was a particularly good one in LR covering a night
drive on the South Johnstone system some time back. Hope it was LR ;-)
It would certainly be great to see more employees writing about
their jobs. Burt then again this may be frowned on in this day and age
by their respective employers.

As mentioned, Rod Milne's articles are ones I constantly enjoy, even
the ones away from industrial type operation.


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