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Hi Bob,
          I suppose I have pretty much given my views in this thread already.
  However I have never had any real cause for complaint, I have found every since issue interesting since the first day I subscribed back in the 90s and read them cover to cover.
  Its a shame more people don't take at least a little interest in railways overseas, there are some really fascinating operations out there.
  The overseas content in LR is interesting and hardly overwhelmes the Australian content.
Keep up the great work.

** Railways & Industrial Heritage Society Phils Inc (Australian Chapter **
Preserving The Rich Railway History Of The Philippines.
We are urgently needing your help!
****** ******

If any members of the LRRSA Yahoo Group have thoughts on the appropriateness
of this coverage, particularly the inclusion of occasional n ews items in
H&T from overseas, then the editors would be most interested to hear your

Bob McKillop
Heritage & Research editos, Light Railways


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