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**** Just typed up an extended reply to both Peter and Eddie before realising that Pete's was actually offlist (which I greatly appreciate). I have edited his reply out but am sending the remaining reply to Eddie ***



Hi all,
I am hesitant to let this drag on for fear that it may eventually get out of hand. I would normally have taken a step back now and kept a close watch on how it pans out.
However I feel two replies are in order.

<<<<<On the contrary, I suggest that is exactly what it would do, and
certainly it does so on some other groups, because it increases the
likelihood that a photo will indeed be seen - so that people can feel
rewarded even if they are not likely to win a competition.>>>>

I beg to differ.
Even though I moderate around 15 gorups I rarely go to the front page for a look and could only imagine that those members who get their posting via email (as opposed to the website) would rarely see it as well.
If I had not mentioned the new photo, I wonder what percentage of members would know about it a week later. Truth is it would be very few and mostly those who chose to read directly off the web.
Certainly ripping already contrinuted photos out of the archive for use would be a far easier approach and save a lot of time and may make for a little discussion on each, however people actively contributing to a subject and giving full details of their chosen shot, has always mean't more active involvement in my experience.

I would also suggest the display on a webpage of the runner ups and their full details after the winner to encourage even more participation.

However in view of the lack of response to the idea I will likely take your suggestion.
Thanks to everyone who has given their views on the photo, I never expected it would lead to such much activity on the group.

Its a hobby - lets all enjoy it.

Best wishes

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