Re: Marysville devastation

Peter Evans

I think waiting for the "right" time is the best option. The Day's tractor
is not something that can be picked up with a front-end loader and put in a
skip. The area where the Day's is located is part of a well-known local
historical precinct and I can't image anyone without local knowledge being
allowed to do anything precipitate. The Marysville police are, as I
understand it, still in the town, and the rail tractor sat next to the side
fence of the police station, so they will know it well.

That said, people will be more preoccupied with their own problems and
losses at the moment and I will wait for that to subside before making an
offer. If the MHS photographic collection has been destroyed at least I will
be able to provide them with high-resolution scans of all the timber
industry photographs.



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