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Does the "Australia" in LRRSA mean members in Australia researching
light railways, or does it mean research on Australian Light Railways.
If the later is the case then perhaps the name should be ALRRS.

Are members only interested in Australian light railways?


Hi Stephen,
This one should create a lot more comment :-)
It is a very good point though.

As I said a few messages back, I guide my activities by Light
Railways. Our great publication has articles/information/news or
railways, not only here, but Fiji. NZ, Asia and even the UK and elsewhere.
The extremely fast growing interest in Fiji cane railways now days
lead me to use the picture I did. If the LRRSA is the only available
publication that caters for this growing interest, then why not
capitalize on that.

To answer your question, yes I personally am interested in light
railway outside Australia, mostly the Pacific and asia regions, but I
am happy to read articles on it anywhere.
Thats my own personal interests though.

Thanks for adding your thoughts, I would certainly love to see the
quieter members give theirs as well.


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