Re: Title Photo.

Eddie Oliver <eoliver@...>

BLI BLI wrote:

Every 3-4 months I am thinking of choosing a topic, inviting members to contribute a photo (1 only per person) based on that topic.
Photo contributions would be relevant to the chosen topic and have to be within the boundaries of what is covered in Light Railways, although it may pay to kkep it a little more regional (Australia, NZ and Fiji).
Given the bulk of contributions would likely be from Australia, this should ensure it is seen the most.
From these photos the best will be picked (either by the moderators/board or the entire membership) and a new title photo made of that.
It is an idea utilized by other groups for the same reasons and seem to be popular with members.
Many groups change the photo every few days. Why not just display any goof interesting photo that is offered, irrespective of topic, until the next good one comes along?

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