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Hi again,
             My interest in light railways, while mostly due to sugarcane 2fts, is also strongly fueled by that which in not common.
  Horse hauled operations get coverage at times, so cattle hauled stuff would certainly be little different in my view. Indeed the articles on Maldon (spelling?) Island and its wind powered train was incredibly interesting and certainly not something commonly covered, likely due to the rarity of wind powered trains.

  Someone else, I think John, mentioned how people come to be interested in Light Railways and the LRRSA.
  This would be an interesting topic in itself which I think I will ask separately in a couple of days, however I personally got interested through the mentioned sugarcane railways, as are at least two other NSW and one NT based railfan that I can think of straight away.
  I'm sure there must be plenty of other railfans taken by these interesting railways while holidaying in Queensland and gone on to search out more information, subsequently finding our association.


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I agree with Rod. It may be a most picturesque photo of a light railway,

but its connection with the bulk of the LRRSA's activities seems pretty

remote? However my assessment relates not to the format of the photo but

to the motive power itself, which seems not to have received much

attention by the LRRSA, nor to have been very common in the normal

geographical range thereof.

Rod Hutchinson wrote:

Thanks for the photo. I think the photo is a great shot, but a bit too
agricultural. It is not capturing the essence of Light Railways. This
probably because the motive power is in the front of the image (is at
the crossing point of Rule of Thirds), and the rails are almost covered
by the sugarcane.
Comments above are a reflection my first impression as I opened the Home
Rod Hutchinson

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