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Hi guys,
            The bright side of all this is the response we are getting. In many groups you can make all the changes in the world and nobody is passionate enough about it to care less.
  At least the interest is strong on this group.

  It has been very interesting to read peoples comments, both supportive and critical. Certainly interesting to see how different peoples ideas are as to whether or not field lines are industrial or light railways, not to mention whether Fiji has a part in the forums front page.

  Personally, as a guide to anything industrial or light railway that I have done, I have always used Light Railways magazine as a guide. If our editors include it there, then I have always considered it to be within topic. The only time our views have diverged is with the current SMR operation (lets not get into that here though).

  I agree with John that we should change it at regular intervals and not let it get as stale as the original one.
  To that end, and to increase interest and group participation, I would like to put a proposal forth for consideration.

  Every 3-4 months I am thinking of choosing a topic, inviting members to contribute a photo (1 only per person) based on that topic.
Photo contributions would be relevant to the chosen topic and have to be within the boundaries of what is covered in Light Railways, although it may pay to kkep it a little more regional (Australia, NZ and Fiji).
Given the bulk of contributions would likely be from Australia, this should ensure it is seen the most.
From these photos the best will be picked (either by the moderators/board or the entire membership) and a new title photo made of that.
  It is an idea utilized by other groups for the same reasons and seem to be popular with members.

  Just an idea, I am open to others.


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We are urgently needing your help!


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My suggestion to Brad is that the Fiji bullock-hauled cane train on
portable track is an excellent front page picture for a little while,
but that generally speaking the front page should be of an Australian
scene and should be changed periodically to take in the breadth of
the society's interests,

Sounds ideal John.

In any group of people interested in railways, there will always be a

built-in locomotive bias among those members who make working models. But

I'd be surprised if any browser reading the words on the Home Page left

without joining on the misapprehension that LRRSA doesn't do locomotives.

Also there is no problem with an Australian society looking after related

interests in countries that don't have equivalent bodies.

David 1/2d

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