Re: Marysville devastation

Frank Stamford

Hello Brian,

At 02:49 PM 14/02/2009, you wrote:

My main concern is that currently the town proper isn't in the control of
the towns people, but more probably being controlled by some bureaucrat who
has little or no care for anything railway or historical, and is only
interested in getting brownie points for cleaning up the aftermath,
No it isn't. It is in the hands of the police, who have forensic
scientists looking through the ruins searching for bodies.

why if it was me I'd be making contact with someone in charge, just to make
sure nothing gets carted away,

Peter Evans will have exactly the same concerns. He is at Alexandra
where most of the Marysville survivors are currently located, and has
worked with Victorian bureaucracies for many years. He is
intelligent, tactful, and has a track record of getting things done.

in looking at photos of the Days tractor, it
is mostly of steel construction so it should be possible to restore it
cosmetically, the log buggies would have burned leaving only the iron work,
but again they could be rebuilt with new timbers using the old iron work.
It depends on how hot the fire was at that location.

I have attached an item from today's Age which will help put you in
the picture.



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