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Eddie Oliver <eoliver@...>

John Browning wrote:

As an experienced moderator of groups, Brad will probably have quite a reasonable idea of the type and level of interest most represented by those who visit discussion group pages such as ours. Sugar cane may have its own more specialised groups, but I would wager that a significant proportion of our newer members became interested in lrrsa through sugar cane.
That's a very interesting observation. In contrast, I would think that very few people outside Queensland would have come in by that route.

Of course that might launch debate about what a "significant proportion" would be, and in the context ANY proportion is significant - every new member is important; but if there is indeed a geographical variation in methods of attracting members, then that would be something to take into account in strategic plans.

For instance around Sydney, there is some reason to believe that there is a growing interest in the various types of industrial and construction lines that Jim Longworth has been writing about so brilliantly; that territory is totally remote from sugar cane, and it could not be assumed that someone interested in the former would (at least initially) have much interest in the latter or vice-versa.

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