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BLI BLI wrote:

I suppose it really comes down to a persons personal definition of Light Railways.
To me, this shot could not easily be bettered for describing a light railway. Railways don't come much lighter than this.
Indeed, but is it the sort of "light railway" which most members or prospective members of LRRSA are really sufficiently interested in to ensure the future of the society?

A discussion once started (IIRC) on this group on how to ensure the future of LRRSA, but it seemed to stop very rapidly before it actually went anywhere.

I doubt that bullocks hauling sugar in Fiji would be a sufficiently attractive motivation for future members, even if the scene is interesting/picturesque/appealing in a more general sense.

My instinct says that the major body of relevant interest is in Australian loco-hauled narrow-gauge lines with an industrial or forestry flavour, and that even Queensland (let alone Fiji) sugar lines are regarded by many as a rather separate area of interest. But my "instinct" - and that of others, even the society's worthy leaders - could be totally false. We need facts, not instinct. Perhaps LRRSA should again run some sort of poll to establish what current members' priorities actually are, but of course even that would say little or nothing about what is necessary to maintain future involvement.

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