Re: Title Photo.

Frank Stamford

Hello Brad,

Personally I like the picture very much, and I think it encapsulates the concept of a "light railway" beautifully.

But it doesn't look like Australia to me, probably Java I think - so in the long term it is probably not the best photo for the header, but I think you should leave it there for a while so people have a chance to appreciate it.

In the long term a current era photo of Queensland sugar cane operations might be the best option.



At 10:15 PM 12/02/2009, you wrote:

Hi all,
Been testing out a new OPTUS wireless thingamy and going through all the various Yahoogroups.
Not sure how many people go to the front page of our group with any regularity, however the photo and name on there was a little old and awful looking, certainly not something that would attract huge amounts of interest.

Anyway I have spent some time and updated the look of the main title photo. Hopefully it meets the approval of the powers that be.


Best wishes

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