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Thanks for the photo. I think the photo is a great shot, but a bit too
agricultural. It is not capturing the essence of Light Railways. This
probably because the motive power is in the front of the image (is at
the crossing point of Rule of Thirds), and the rails are almost covered
by the sugarcane.

Comments above are a reflection my first impression as I opened the Home

Rod Hutchinson

Subject: [LRRSA] Title Photo.

Hi all,
Been testing out a new OPTUS wireless thingamy and going through
all the various Yahoogroups.
Not sure how many people go to the front page of our group with any
regularity, however the photo and name on there was a little old and
awful looking, certainly not something that would attract huge amounts
of interest.

Anyway I have spent some time and updated the look of the main title
photo. Hopefully it meets the approval of the powers that be.

Best wishes

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