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Peter Evans

Hi All,

History of the Day's rail tractor at Marysville is as follows:

"The horse teams on the Marysville Timber & Seasoning Company log tramway
were superseded when the Company obtained a six-wheel rail-tractor to work
the line. This tractor had been built by Day's of South Melbourne in 1927
for Richard's tramway at Starvation Creek east of Warburton. Richards found
that the cast-iron frames cracked easily on the rough track-work at
Starvation Creek, and had the frames replaced with rolled iron joists by
blacksmiths and engineers G. W. Grocke of South Melbourne. This solved the
cracking problem but rendered the tractor too light to provide sufficient
tractive effort. As a result, the unit was sold to Ted Anderson for use at
Marysville. Today, the scars of the conversion are still visible on the
tractor, now preserved in Gallipoli Park in Marysville. Ted's Son, Ron
"Copper" Anderson, was assigned the position as driver on the log tram along
Wilks Creek. Trains consisted of up to three or four "sets" of trucks, with
from one to three logs on each set. Ron took to the job enthusiastically,
driving at a speed calculated to induce an intense state of nervousness in
any passengers". [Source: Evans P. (in prep) Wooden Rails and Green Gold: A
Century of Timber and Transport along the Yarra Track.]

This tractor is most likely severely damaged as it was right next to the
Police Station which was destroyed on Saturday afternoon. There were two log
bogies behind the tractor and nearby was a large oil engine ex Sund's
sawmill. I think it an excellent suggestion that the LRRSA approach the
Marysville Historical Society with an offer to restore the tractor, bogies
and engine and retain them in situ. There is a precedent for this approach
in the restoration of the TACL rail tractor at PBPS some years ago. Since it
would be a cosmetic restoration only it would hopefully take less than the
15-years it took to restore the TACL.



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