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For what its worth, and as someone very much moved by the tragedy down there, I think Bill has hit on a truly beautiful idea.
  It will never bring back all those poor people, or help to ease the suffering of the survivers, but I agree with all the views of its link to the past and the importance to have township icons like this go on.
  While I live a bit far, and am incredibly involved in an overseas museum project at the moment, to do much to help, I would certainly try to help raise some funds towards the restoration.
** BTW: While not a major consideration considering, the publicity it could bring for the LRRSA could only be good surely.

** Railways & Industrial Heritage Society Phils Inc (Australian Chapter **
Preserving The Rich Railway History Of The Philippines.
We are urgently needing your help!
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Subject: RE: [LRRSA] Marysville devastation
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Date: Wednesday, 11 February, 2009, 10:43 PM

day All,

I guess the first removal of rubbish would be removal of roofing iron to allow the ruins
below to be searched. If the tractor remains are removed I guess it would be later.

However, assuming we are interested, it would be wise to be ready to move on an
initial investigation as soon as possible. At this investigation we would also need to contact
the local authorities.

In short, we need to do some initial organising now. Are there enough members
interested? Would we have the blessing of the LRRSA?


Bill Russell


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