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Michael J

If the LRRSA is interested, maybe a letter to the
Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority
offering assistance in identifying items of
historical interest may get permission to enter these
areas at an early date.

The letter should mention the importance of retaining
what remains of the cultural heritage of these
regions. It could also suggest that the LRRSA may be
available to assist in restoration in the longer term.

I think it is important that these relics are
retained where possible, Not only for those
interested in light railways or history, but for the
local communities, who will look to these relics as
important links with the past when so much else is lost.



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>G'day All,

It may be difficult for a National Organisation to
offer to restore a local relic, but there
is nothing to stop a local group of members making an
offer to do so (with the blessing of the

However the ractor would need to be inspected first,
it may be too badly burnt to

Assunming that the it can be restored the local
comminnity would also need to be
consulted, as I imagine they may not want outsiders
"stealing" one of their local icons. To
overcome this I think that any approach should be
done under the auspices of the LRRSA
with the promise that the restored loco would be
returned to the town.

Nancy and I often used to drive to Marysville for
afternoon tea. It was a magnificent

If members are interested in forming such a group I
would be willing to co-ordinate
(and record) the members of the group.


Bill Russell.

On 12 Feb 2009 at 9:11, Bill Hanks wrote:


Thank you very much for your kind thoughts for the
horrendous losses
from the fires.

The apocalypse that occurred on Saturday will be a
haunting nightmare
for many years to come.

Indirectly this will affect all Australians, not
just those who have
perished, been injured or lost property.

It's not over yet.


W.L. (Bill) Hanks

President LRRSA

PS: - The Days tractor at Marysville had crossed my
mind too, as well
the other relics in the bush, in particular the
pigsty trestle that was
a feature of a walk along 'The Trestle Track'.

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I remember that a rare Days 0-6-0PM 3ft gauge loco
has been on display
Marysville for many years.

While its fate pales into utter insignificance
compared to the frightful
loss of life and destruction of homes, it is to be
hoped that this, one
the last few Victorian timber tramway locomotives,
can be salvaged. Its
restoration might be a fine symbol of the
determination of the community
return after the town was almost totally wiped out.

We all have the devastated communities of Victoria
in our thoughts.


John Browning

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Annerley 4103

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