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When I looked at the point layout plan many years ago I seem to remember
the gauge being 3 foot. There was also an insulated third rail that
provided power for propulsion. The control of it was something akin to
an electric train set.

Bill Hanks

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Can anyone confirm what gauge the RAAF Sale and Puckapunyal tracks

Paul Napier

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John has correctly identified the the photos of a target trolley
that I referred to. I see that the photos, catalogued as PRO of
Victoria Box 332 / 01, 02 & 03, are gloriously mis-captioned
as 'narrow gauge 4 wheel freight wagon'.

Richard Horne

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Ah . . .

I think that Richard is referring to another target tramway, this
operating at Puckapunyal, also in Victoria.

It also used a three rail system.

Photos are on the Public Record Office of Victoria site.

Go to http://proarchives. imagineering. search.asp?
searchid= 41
and start looking.

An initial search for 'target' found some interesting results.


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