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Stephen Percy Larcombe

The steam driven water pumps are still in thier original location. The people that are rebuilding the dry dock for polly wood side would like to put the pumps back into operation and run them on compressed air, but the heritage people are hesitant about allowing this to happen.



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Hi Rod,I believe this was the boiler that provided steam to the pumps that pumpedthe Duke & Orr dock dry once a ship was inside. I believe the pumps havebeen preserved separately - perhaps at the Melbourne Steam Traction EngineClub at Scoresby? It's a pity they weren't able to be kept together. Oftenthe first reaction to a threat to an installation is to remove whateverinterests the rescuer most. The better option is to try and keep aninstallation intact in situ if at all possible. I'm not aware of thecircumstances of the removal of the pumps so this is not intended to be acriticism, just an observation.Cheers,PeterE.Peter EvansProduction Management, Corporate Writing and Heritage Services0407 537 <> please consider the environment before printing.This electronic mail contains information that is privileged andconfidential, intended only for use of the individual(s) or entity named. Ifyou are not the intended recipient, any dissemination, copying or use of theinformation is strictly prohibited. If you have received this transmissionin error please delete it immediately from your system and inform me byreturn email and destroy the original message

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