Peckett locomotive "Sir John Grice" - West Melbourne Gasworks

Frank Stamford

"Light Railways" No.90 had a photograph of Peckett 0-4-0ST loco "Sir
John Grice" (B/No.1711 of 1926) in service at the West Melbourne
Gasworks. That photo is not very distinct in the area where the
nameplate should be, but it appears the nameplate was either very
flat, or it has dropped off!

I am wondering if anyone knows of any other photos of the loco in
service at the gasworks, showing the nameplate.

The loco is now owned by the Puffing Billy Railway and is in need of a
repaint. It is proposed to paint it as it was when delivered from the
Peckett Company, and the question has been raised as to whether the
nameplate currently fitted is similar to that originally fitted.


Frank Stamford

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