Re: NSW Boiler Records : How and Where?

Peter Evans

When I could not find the Victorian boiler records under any "mainsteam"
industrial department archives, I was advised by an archivist at the
Victorian Public Records office to write a history of the boiler inspection
legislation. I did so, found out that the records I wanted were under the
oversight of the Mines Department and, "bingo", there they were. I'm sure
the Mitchell library has copies of the NSW statutes and an index to them, so
an afternoon's work should suffice to find out under which department the
responsibility for boiler examinations in NSW resided. The regulations
promulgated under the boiler inspection act will tell you what sort of
original records were generated. Armed with that information, you can go to
your archivist at Public Records NSW and ask to see the list of record
series for that department.

As Richard suggests, you may be looking in vain - industrial history
generally sits poorly with archivists driven by government imperatives to
"service" customers who mainly consist of those damned genealogists who
always sit in pairs and never shut up . Never mind the fact that industrial
history and heritage affected more lives than all the grand houses combined.
The Victorian archives authorized he destruction of all the correspondence
files associated with industrial boilers as late as the early 1980s leaving
only the original registrations 1906-1935 extant. Similarly, the mining
boiler records are limited to first registrations from 1927 to 1945.



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