NSW Boiler Records : How and Where?

Professor Klyzlr <johnd@...>

Dear LRRSA NSW Team,

I have just been given a minor friendly "kick in the backside" by one
of our esteemed Victorian brothers, RE the fact that most other
states have already published lists of their boiler records,
with particular attention paid to

- NG/Industrial locomotive,
- mining and logging industry boilers,
(think sawmills, mine sites),
- and logging winch/hauler boilers.

SO, the questions are

- has anyone already chewed thru the NSW boiler records?

- if not (or incomplete, I know many LRRSA persons do not consider
sawmill or winch machinery to be "valid" LRRSA subject matter),

where does One find said records?

- How does One gain access to said records, once located?

- What would be considered the "critical info" to collate?

Just asking the questions...

Happy Researching,
Aim to Improve,
Prof Klyzlr

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