Re: Former VRNG Whitfield loco shed heritage status

Stephen Percy Larcombe

You are correct.

As far as I can gather, heritage listing does not give you any money to fix things, it only makes it more difficult for the owner to do any repairs or works on the structure.

Correct me if I am wrong, would heritage listing require approval to do any works that would alter the original structure or materials used. What would be the requirements for putting new tin on the roof, would the newer continuous length light gauge tin be allowed?



To: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 09:45:14 +1100Subject: [LRRSA] Former VRNG Whitfield loco shed heritage status

I had a good look at this shed when in Whitfield in Feb this year. While the shed is still intact, complete with pits and the exhaust flues still inside, the shed did not appear to be in good condition. Nothing appeared to be particularly straight, the roof was starting to bow slightly and the tin, especially on the roof, was in poor condition. I imagine, even in the event of a successful listing, it would cost a fair whack to return to useable condition. From my limited understanding of heritage listings, it does not open the way to a bottomless pit of money with which to restore buildings. Perhaps the only advantage of its location is that Whitfield is slowly becoming a wine mecca. If a nice winery looking for a cellar door, replete with more money than sense, were to take it over, I'll buy a dozen from them in thanks.Stuart Thyer

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