Re: Barlow Rail at Sunny Corner, NSW

Stephen Percy Larcombe

Barlow Rail was used on the Geelong-Melbourne railway line, and a quote from June 28, 1855 taken from the Engineers Report state: ".... we have received a sufficient quantity of Barlow's Patent Rails to enable us to let out contracts for plate-layng at the Geelong end of the line."
The size and shape of Barlow's rail was suppose to enable it to be laid "... without the use of either transverse sleepers of longitudinal supports ..." (quote taken from Institution of Civil Engineers, May 14, 1850, Paper by William Henry Barlow on wrought iron permanent way laid down on the main line of the North Midland Railway).

Needless to say, Barlow Rail did not live up to expectations.



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Hi Ian I can't really answer how widely Barlow rail was used.. I suspect, other than the original main line to Parramatta, very little. Nor can I suggest dates. There is photo of New Lambton Colliery which appears to show some laid down as a temporary siding, otherwise I have never seen evidence of it used as rail track. However over the year I have seen quite a deal used for structural at Sunny Corner.Two more sites that come to mind are ... Great Cobar copper mine.. in furnace bases ....Fine Flower mercury mine.. supporting the flue roof (quite a lot in good condition ) In some railway yards, esp in Western NSW it was used to reinforce the brick bases of the hand cranes. In similar locations I have seen it as roofing of small road culverts.Regards John----- Original Message ----- From: Iain Stuart To: Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2008 4:08 PMSubject: [LRRSA] Barlow Rail at Sunny Corner, NSWI have found what appear to be lots of Barlow rail at a mining site (c1884)at Sunny Corner. None of it is "in situ" it mostly is used for structuralpurposes in the tradition of using old rails for any purpose once they areno longer used for rails.This raises a few questions in my mind - was it likely that the Barlow railwas used in the mines and then reused (personally it seems too big for minetramways).How widely was Barlow rail used in NSW?When was Barlow rail replaced by bullhead or normal rails? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.Dr Iain StuartPartnerJCIS ConsultantsABN 15 673 291 522PO Box 2397Burwood NorthNSW 2134Ph/Fax (02) 9701 0191(0413) 380116 <> website is

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