Re: Sale RAAF target tramway


There are also pictures in 'Picture Australia' of one of the target trolleys, with and without the target, at what I assume is
VR's Newport Works. They probably appear under 'railways' and, although I can't now recall, I'd guess that the captions are totally erroneous (as are so many on this otherwise excellent site).


Richard Horne

From: Paul Napier <>
Sent: Friday, 28 November, 2008 8:51:50
Subject: [LRRSA] Re: Sale RAAF target tramway

Several pictures of it in AWM online collection e.g. see
http://cas.awm. cst.acct_ master?
surl=602501615ZZZIG MWJKIPKT71345& stype=2&simplese arch=&v_umo= &v_product_
id=&screen_name= &screen_parms= &screen_type= RIGHT&bvers= 4&bplatform= Micro
soft%20Internet% 20Explorer& bos=Win32

For more search for 'sale target'

Paul Napier

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Hi All,

With the recent traffic about navy divers, I thought I'd post another
armed forces question. I have seen a V.R. drawing showing a control
panel constructed for the RAAF for a target tramway at East Sale.
on the panel was an oval of track, with a siding off it. Do any
have any knowledge of this operation?



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