Re: Timber tramways Google earth


That is nothing short of fantastic!

I have always wanted to find out, in relation to today's Illawarra,
where the old coal lines ran. Having a copy of Gifford Eardley's
"Transporting the Black Diamond" Vol. 1 has been some of a help - but
as good as the maps in the book are, as a rule they're not to scale -
and the region has changed a hundredfold (in terms of development)
since those maps were originally drawn, some 50 or more years ago.
Consequently it can be very frustrating trying to locate where some
lines ran, oftentimes due to housing, expressways & the like virtually
obliterating any trace of the old lines.

For a railway archaeology buff such as myself, this is a dream come
true! :-D

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Timber tramways etc on Google earth via a link on Railpage

Peter C

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