Proposed LRRSA tour to Erica-Walhalla

sawdustoz <pevans@...>

Hi All,

I am proposing a tour to Erica/Walhalla on the weekend of 18/19
November 2006. The proposed tour itinerary would be:

Saturday Morning: Timber Tramway Tramp at Tyers Junction
Saturday Afternoon: Coopers Creek Copper mine and lime kilns.
Saturday night: Rawson with a possible entertainment item
Sunday morning: Train Thomson to Walhalla, Long Tunnel mine visit and
return via firewood tramway to Thomson.
Sunday afternoon: Kirchhubels tramway south of Erica.

How does everyone feel about the itinerary and the dates? (I am
somewhat constrained by the need to be at Alexandra on the second and
third Sundays). Does anyone know of any other rail activities planned
for this weekend (steam tours / special runs etc.)?

I plan to have a flyer for the October mail-out of LR with mention of
the tour in that issue for those who buy it at the newsagents.


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