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Michael J

Hi Alf,

The tramway was construced and worked by the local shire for many years. It was 5'3" and therefore interchanged with the VR. During this time it's timetable (as well as the Powelltown Tramway) were published in the VR timetable books.

It was taken over by the VR who introduced a railcar, and daily operation for local school children.

I understand the loco you saw is a mockup of a Sentinal loco the tramway owned, the original having been scrapped long ago. There were two locos, don't know anything about the other.

All the above from memory, so subject to the usual proviso's...



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My wife & myself recently travelled to Mildura & return via
Deniliquin & Swan Hill on our fwd trip. On the Murray River we
discovered the delightful town of Koondrook. To my surprise in the
main street was a length of track next to a station building. On the
track was a loco & a number of wagons.

At a ninty degree angle & parallel to the banks of the river was
what looked like a goods/transhipment shed between river & rail.

On our trip to Kerang I noticed three shelter sheds which were
obviously part of the tramway. Although no track was visible the
right of way was easy to make out. The remains of a number of
bridges were also visible.

I have searched the web for more info but have not been very
successful. Is any one able to shed more light on this tramway? Have
any articles ever been written in Light Railways or is there a book


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