Tramway Notes - trawled on the web - 13

Phil Rickard <chy_gwel_an_meneth@...>

Readers may be interested in this item from "The Brisbane Courier",
Tuesday 17 January 1865:

'The work at the new parliamentary buildings, near to Government
House, has been proceeding rapidly. A great deal of the excavation has
been done, and some portion of the foundation is already in.

A very ingeniously constructed tramway, with hardwood rails, has been
constructed for the purpose of conveying the large blocks of stone
from the punts at the waterside to the building. There are a great
number of
men employed, and we may therefore expect the work to go on without
any stoppage.'

A contractor's tramway no doubt - readers' comments or further details
are invited, especially from knowledgable Brisbanians who might be
able to estimate length of line etc.

cheers Phil

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