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Thanks for your email. Yes, the email does need some correction
(I'm getting old) - was their a 3 foot 6 line there?
Was it powered by simplex motive power?
Kind regards

Hi Michael,

I've not heard of any 3ft 6in-gauge line on Maria Island though I do
not know the gauge of the tramways that were there in the 1890's.
See Maria Island - view from the jetty to the left. 1890.
It appears to be a picture of Darlington, from the jetty.

Note the rail profile of so-called T-rail - it needs special shoes.
The late Lindsay Whitham made a study of this type of rail and knew of
T-rail at Point Lesueur on Maria Island and was pleased when I found
this pic which added to the list of sites where it is known to have
been used. It isn't 2ft-gauge; maybe it is 3ft 6ins . . .

According to "Maria Island and Ile des Phoques - Management Plan 1998"
some limestone quarrying continued after the closure of the National
Portland Cement Co circa 1930, so maybe there were tramways employed
there with 3ft 6ins lines plus a Simplex???

Perhaps a Tasmanian researcher can help us further, please?

cheers Phil

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