Oberursel locomotives

David Martin <davidmart@...>

I am in the process of writing up the history of an Oberursel
locomotive at the Museum of Transport and Technology in Auckland. I was
wondering if any locomotives from this manufacturer ever went to
The loco I am involved with was built in 1912 as a kerosine powered
single cylinder loco. Originally of 2ft gauge it was regauged to 3'6"
in the 1940's when it worked at a mercury mine.
From info learned so far there are only a few locos from this
manufacturer left in World and our one is the only one with the
original engine in operating condition. With its centenary due in 4
years it would be good to try and get as much info as possible about
Oberursel themselves. They became part of Deutz in 1920 and built less
than 1000 locos.
Can anyone throw further light on this subject please?+

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