Re: Connections between Kalka-Simla Railway and N E Dundas??

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I am pretty sure the G class 0-4-2T locos on the NE Dundas Tramway were
based on a standard design from Sharp Stewart.
Similarly the locos for the Kalka Simla line.
Also the L class on the Ceylon Railways. They were all very similar locos but with enough detail differences to see they were all individual designs. I've got a copy of the North British narrow gauge loco catalogue, which includes details of all of them. There was also a very similar, but much smaller model produced for another Indian narrow gauge line.

The main wheelbase of the G class and the Darjeeling locos is almost
The first two locos on the Kalka-Simla line were Darjeeling locos converted to 2'6" gauge.

The decision to build the NED line at 2 foot gauge was sure to have been
influenced by technical engineering papers on similar lines in India.
Maybe. The VR certainly got papers on Indian NG lines, which affected the decision to build in 2'6" gauge. The Kalka-Simla was started in 2' gauge but converted to 2'6" gauge during construction.



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