Beyer Peacock website

Frank Stamford

The following website may be of interest:

It has a lot of information on Beyer Peacock locomotives.

Use the red builder's plates to navigate around the site.

"List of Locomotives" leads to a number of detailed pdf documents
which are searchable.

"Railways of Disctinction" leads to a list of BP's customers in
descending order of locomotives bought (I was surprised to find who
BP's best customer was).

"Drawings" leads to a number of beautiful scale drawings of a
selection of BP locomotives (though I found one where the end
elevation was of a different loco to the side elevation).

I am not sure how often this site is updated - the last date appears
to be 2005. Unfortunately the site is effectively anonymous which
makes me somewhat reluctant to create a link to it from the LRRSA

Also on the subject of Beyer Peacock, the following website:

has very interesting biographical data on the founders of the Company.
Karl Friedrich Beyer was the son of impoverished hand-loom weavers in
Saxony, and the story of his early life is extremely interesting.

Richard Peacock, at the age of only 20, was General Manager of the
Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway Company's Locomotive
and Carriage Workshops.



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