Re: Museum Exhibit On-Demand Sound Systems

John Dimitrievich <johnd@...>

Dear Lynn,

Try this...

- 4 discrete "Control inputs" that can trigger 4 individiual WAV files

- 4 discrete Control Outputs which can be configured to trigger in sync
with playback of a given WAV file

- SD card storage of Audio, supports up to 2Gb/200minutes of CD spec

- Easy to configure your own audio files to play back on command.

- configurable for "play once", "play all", and "LoopPlay" modes

- No moving parts

- standard 3.5mm minijack live level output easily connects to any PC
multimedia style powered(amplified) speaker system

- D*** robust

To quote a blurb on the website

"...Use this player for your Home Layout, Club Layout,

<Display Layout, Museum Displays, Dioramas,>
(Emphasis Added!)

Station Announcements, Voice Announcements, Crossing Sounds, Theme Park
Sounds, Zoo Sounds, Background Music, Model Railroad Sound, Railroad
Layout Sound, or any other application where you need a high-quality and
stable solid-state audio player that sounds as good as a CD Player.
Perfectly portable, mount it anywhere and forget about it. Edit your own
content and put WAV files on the SD FLASH card to customize the sounds.
Plays most formats of WAV file directly from the SD Card. Not MP3's so
there is absolutely no compromise in the Audio Quality. Plays 16-bit
44.1KHz Stereo Audio WAV files using a super high-quality Burr-Brown
Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)..."

Highly recommended, and the crew at Fantasonics are Modellers who are
great to deal with...

<Insert Standard Disclaimer HERE>

Happy Modelling,

Aim to Improve,

Prof Klyzlr

Lynn Zelmer Wrote:

Archer Park Museum has a state-of-the-art 'soundscape' that provides
background sound, but we're also interested in providing visitors
with opportunities to get more information about individual
exhibits... short explanations, oral histories, etc.

Ideally these would be a small wall or post-mounted box with a small
speaker (no earphones please) with an obvious push button to start
the commentary (there should probably also be a hidden on/off switch
and a 'brick' for power), solid state components (no tapes, CDs,
etc.) a USB connection to upload new material, and an auto-off at the
end of the selection. And obviously minimal cost!

I've tried searching for museum suppliers but haven't been able to
find anything that resembles what we want.

Any suggestions from what your organisation is using and/or suppliers
that you know?

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