Re: "Light Railways" No.202 posted ... but will you get it?

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            So much been happening the last two months I am thinking I may have been remiss in renewing this year?
  Suppose I better get my act together.


***** Adobo Downunder Fiji/Philippine Railways and more! *****

Do you get that special private tingle when you think of railways in

the Philippines or Fiji. Perhaps buses and ferries float ya boat.

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--- On Fri, 8/1/08, Frank Stamford <> wrote:
From: Frank Stamford <>
Subject: [LRRSA] "Light Railways" No.202 posted ... but will you get it?
Date: Friday, 1 August, 2008, 8:40 PM

"Light Railways" No.202 August 2008 was packed last night and will be

put into the mail today or on Monday.

The LRRSA web site has also been updated to included LR 202, and the

preliminary announcement of the publication of the new book "Shays,

Crabs and Phosphate".

"Light Railways" No.202 is the first issue for the new financial year.

If you have not yet taken up the invitation to renew your

subscription, (which went out with the both the April and June issues)

you will unfortunately not be included in this mailout. However you

will receive another invitation to renew.

In the current financial year we expect to be offering members

pre-publication discounts on two books "Shays, Crabs and Phosphate";

and "Tall Timber and Tramlines in Queensland".

Plans are also underway for a meeting for our members in Perth in

September. This may be a one-off meeting, or could lead to regular




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