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Hi all,

I have some photos of some narrow gauge operations I would
like to
send in for publication in Light Railways, but am not too sure of
size and format required. I'm sure others may be in the same
situation, can our editors please respond with the
requirements? It
might bring some interesting stuff out of the woodwork!


Hi Scott,

Thanks for thinking of us. Contributions to Light Railways
magazine are always welcome.

Files can be e-mailed as Jpegs to:
or sent on disk as Jpegs or Tiffs to
PO Box 674 St Ives NSW 2075.

Ideally, images should be at least 300dpi at full reproduction
size (or equivalent). For a typical News photo, this would mean
around 1500 x 1000 pixels, for a half-page News or half-page
feature photo around 2200 x 1500 and for a potential cover or
back cover photo around 3600 x 2400.

Bruce Belbin

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