Forty years ago today - VLRRS becomes LRRSA

Frank Stamford

A significant decision in the the history of the LRRSA was made forty
years ago today!

At the Annual General Meeting of the Victorian Light Railway Research
Society on Thursday 14 June 1968 the name of the Society was changed
to Light Railway Research Society of Australia. And with that change
the breadth of the Society's activities widened dramatically.

The change followed a suggestion made by Bruce Macdonald, who wrote in
a letter published in "Light Railways" No.23 Autumn 1968:

"Have you given thought to diversifying your scope beyond Victoria,
like change the title to the Australian Light Railway Research
Society, or A.L.R. Society, or Australian Light Railway and Tramway
Society. I really think you would get support, there are quite a
number of people who are interested in little railways who are not
catered for at present."

And so the change was made within three months of that letter being


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