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Further to my earlier email, I have just heard that the zoo railway train is still extant at a property near Wanneroo and moves are being made to have it preserved, possibly at Whiteman Park by the W.A. Light Railway Preservation Association (Bennett Brook Railway).

The Willis Engineering road one didn't get used on the zig-zag though it was proposed.



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I know nothing of the first Perth zoo train.
I am sure that I read about the second one (rubber tyred) being used on
the site of Kalamunda zig zag. Perhaps that was only a proposal?
Perhaps it was a different product from Willis?

Does the heritage information want to link to trains at other zoos?
I have been on the one at Melbourne, but can't recall having a photo.
I do have a photo of the one at Adelaide.
Whipsnade (UK) has a well-known railway.

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