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Hello David,

Yes Brian is aware of the articles and drawings in the April "Narrow
Gauge Downunder" and "Light Railways". He actually approached us for
information in January, and he probably wrote to "Narrow Gauge and
Short Lines Gazette" at the same time.

Changing "Little Yarra" to 2 ft 6 in gauge is quite a radical
divergence from the prototype I think. Baldwin would probably have
used outside frames for 2 ft 6in gauge, though my efforts to find
photographs of any of the three 2 ft 6 in gauge 6-14-C class locos
have so far proved fruitless.
Thanks, Frank, that's what I guessed on all fronts.

I think On30 is a hard disease to cure, simply because it is so expedient - easy track, easy scenics, and with outside framed gear and wide treads, nobody notices that the flanges are pushed in a whisker too far.

I'm feeling queasy about an On30 Little Yarra, but then it's not my scale.

Brian in his Gazette letter mentions "the Australian market" which implies big ideas. It will be interesting to see how Australians vote with their wallets.

David 1/2d

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