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Bruce & Gaye Belbin <boxcargraphics@...>

Hi Ron,

The Bennett Brook Perry (8967/39/1 of 1939) was not one of the 'standard'
Perry 0-4-2T cane locos. It was a 'one-off' machine built for Inkerman Mill,
to the same overall specifications as the three Hunslet 'BODRY' class locos
already operating there. (It differed from the Hunslets in a few respects,
such as the drumhead smokebox, and the use of Walschaerts valve gear).

The other five Perry 0-4-2T locos were a shortened version of the 0-6-2T
design and were essentially the same except for minor details, such as
drawgear, chimneys, etc - plus the side-tanks on the first (9737/45/1 of
1945) did not have the dress strip around the top, as fitted to the final
four (though I note that it does now, in preservation).

General Arrangement Drawings of the 'standard' 0-4-2T can be found in Light
Railways 141 and Light Railways 95.

Most of the drawings for the Perry locos survived into the 1990s, when the
Company (by then part of the Boral Group) donated them for preservation.
Bryan Homann at the Pichi Richi Railway has microfilm copies of these and,
at least until a few years ago, was happy to run out A3 prints of individual
drawings for a nominal charge. All the drawings for the 'standard' 0-4-2T
were still in existence in the late 1980s, so I would think that the
drawings of 8967/39/1 would also have survived. However, this loco was
extensively rebuilt at Bennett Brook, so the G/A drawing will definitely not
reflect its current appearance.


From: "Ron & Hilary Martin" <>
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 19:26:42 +1000 (Tasmania Standard Time)
To: <>
Subject: [LRRSA] Perry Locomotives

I've had an enquiry from outside Australia regarding possible sources of
information regarding Perry 0-4-2 locos, particularly the Bennett Brook
example. Such items as spec sheets, GA drawings etc.

Any ideas please,


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