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The Bickfords <womloc4@...>

Hi Ron,

Issue 141 of Light Railways has an article about the 0-4-2T Perry owned by the Belbins.
Now located at the Lake Macquarie Light Railway, see
There is a reproduction of the makers drawing in issue 141, plus lots of photos.

Sets of scanned copies Perry Cane Loco Drawings on CD were once available from one of the museums in South Australia.
Unfortunately, the price was rather beyond my means and I don't think they are still available.
Maybe someone else knows otherwise.

Pity your enquirer likes the Bennett Brook example - I reckon they 'vandalised' it with that 'English' style cab.
Happily I do not know of any drawings of it in that condition.

Mike Bickford
Berowra & Nalya Tramway
Sydney, Australia

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I've had an enquiry from outside Australia regarding possible sources of
information regarding Perry 0-4-2 locos, particularly the Bennett Brook
example. Such items as spec sheets, GA drawings etc.

Any ideas please,


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