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Michael J

Just came upon this. Leasureland certainly existed in Langwarrin, on the Westernport Highway. Melways ref 131 D10. The property was quite large, and old Melways showed a network of railway lines running round the park.

I always assumed it was the park where the 2'6" gauge locos from the gasworks ran, however I guess that was Whistlestop?

Never went to the park so no idea what steam trains operated there.


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I was asked about this one, which could be a misreporting of
Whistlestop (Skye Rd, Frankston) or could be legitimate.
Wikipedia's two contributors quoted no sources.
Leisureland Fair is a now defunct amusement park in Langwarrin,
Victoria, Australia which operated from approximately 1984 to 1992.
It is now a housing estate with the only reference to it being a
street named after it. The amusement park was situated on a large
plot of land with a steam train which would take passengers from the
carpark to the park itself.
The park consisted of a large number of attractions including a
custom built steel roller coaster, log flume, waterslides, mini golf,
a function centre and various other rides. The park was then sold on
to a religious group who developed the site into housing.
The only remaining part of Leisureland Fair is the now abandoned
Function Centre, otherwise known as The Castle. The property is now
under Private Ownership and was once the main terminus for the
amusement park, situated in the centre of the park.

What is known about the steam train there?

I have thanked Peter offlist for his useful response to my last

Roderick B Smith
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