Java 2008 pre-season reports


Rob Dickinson is in Java at the moment doing a recce for our July/August Steamy Java tour.
He has been updating his website with news from Java and has added pre-season reports for
both Olean and Tasik Madu mills as well as starting the `2008 Season Report'. See for details.

The forthcoming season looks like being a good one with mills preparing or having prepared
steam locos for use (including the `fireworks mill' Merican - see and with plenty of standing cane
ready for cutting. The world increase in commodity prices including sugar will also help the
mills. Rejosari mill near Madiun began the season in early May (details at

Individuals who want to drop in on our tour for special trains such as with B25, E10 and C12
at Ambarawa or mills visits (with permission) will be made welcome and should check for details and contact Rob or me
( to let us know you plan to join us.

John Raby

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