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I was not happy with the inclusion of model railway pages within
"Motive Power" and "Narrow Gauge World".
I guess the publishers are trying to increase the appeal of their magazines to a broader group. One important difference with these two publications and LR is that they are both commercial operations, while LR is a not for profit publication. Nobody is going to miss a mortgage payment if LR does not increase its sales by 10% this year. So as long as LR meets the need of its readership, and there are enough readers to pay for the paper and ink, why change?

For the same reason, I do not consider that the iron ore railways of
Western Australia are in any way a "light railway" and thus fall
outside the proper parameters of the "Light Railways"
magazine. Further-more, I find that it stretches the firendship to
include light railway materials from locations outside the Australian
continent / (former) territories - unless there is a direct
relationship back to Australia.
Yet by definition on the LRRSA website the iron ore railways should be considered (BTW of no interest to me either). My interests are steam era common-carrier narrow gauge railways, and the industries that supported them. For me cane tramways are of little interest, nor are those little lines today associated with the mining and construction industries. I am however glad the LRRSA is doing the job of documenting them. As for membership, the LRRSA is one of those organisations I "should" belong to, but, because of my current shortage both time and money, does not fall into the "must" category. So I have to content myself with buying the odd issue that really interests me.



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