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Michael J

Hi Frank,

I've posted your query on my CLASIG group:



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Subject: [LRRSA] Sources of information on Brazilian steam locomotives

Anyone know of sources of information on steam locomotives in Brazil -
websites, books or whatever, either in English or Portuguese?

My specific interest is in a metre-gauge Baldwin 2-4-0 tender loco,
builder's number 37693, supplied to Alencon Lima & Co. (apparently in
April 1912). Alencon Lima & Co. were Brazilian agents. The locomotive
became No.5 of VFFLB (Viação Ferrea Federal l'Este Brasileiro).

VFFLB appears to be (or to have been) a reasonably large operator of
public railways in eastern Brazil. I would like to try and find out
where this loco worked, if there are any photos of it in service, and
what became of it.

I have been searching on the internet, but so far I have not been able
to find a source of information on VFFLB steam locomotives, but I
expect information must be available somewhere.

(Also if there is anyone on this list who can translate a few
sentences of English into Portuguese, that could be very helpful, as I
think I might have to approach a number of sources in Brazil about
this loco.)

This is not off topic! It appears that Baldwin 37693 is identical to
Baldwin 37718 ("Little Yarra" of the Powelltown tramway) and that
these two locos were the only two built to that design.



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